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Snowcross is very fast and highly entertaining snowmobile sport. LiveSports and the year 2018 will bring Snowcross SM Series competitions closer to the audience and to arenas never-seen-before in Snowcross.

The Snowcross Pro class brings the best racers in Nordic countries to battle in the same arenas. These racers are the top of their sport and the years of practicing comes for true test in these competitions which requires ultimate courage and fitness.


SEINÄJOKI I Finnish Championship
Finnish Championship event I launched at Seinäjoki, OmaSp Stadion

TORNIO I Finnish Championship

TAHKO I Finnish Championship
Event page in finnish, click here

HIMOS I Finnish Championship
Event page in finnish, click here

LEVI I World Championship
More information will follow.


Competitions are broadcasted by Ruutu

Snowcross SM Series 2018 Pro, Pro Lite and Top Junior class all the finals are broadcasted live by the Nelonen Ruutu service. The finals are broadcasted on Saturdays 20th of January, 17th of February, 10th of March, 14th of April and 5th of May. Ruutu is an online video service which can  be used e.g. with Smart TV’s, smartphones and tablets/iPads and via PC or MAC in ruutu.fi


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